Prime Selection for Maximum Freshness

The superior choice for maximum freshness epitomizes the finest quality ice that delivers an unparalleled refreshing experience. With an emphasis on quality maintenance, this ice provides a satisfying chill, making it the top option for those seeking optimal freshness.


Pioneer in the Ice Industry since 1930.


The location of the factory in the center of Bandung City provides benefits for Saripetojo to develop the potential of Crystal Ice.


The quality of Saripetojo's production is known for its hygiene and excellence.


Our Product.


Tube Ice - Ultimate Freshness for Every Sip

Experience peak freshness with Saripetojo's premier Tube Ice. Crafted meticulously to preserve the authentic taste, every bite of ice delivers an unparalleled refreshing sensation. Enjoy the warmth of moments with our high-quality Tube Ice, tailored to meet the need for irreplaceable freshness.

Block Ice - Cool & Reliable Chunks

High-quality Block Ice from Saripetojo serves as a dependable cooling solution. With outstanding stability and endurance, our large ice chunks are suitable for all chilling needs. Provide optimal freshness for your events with the reliability of our Block Ice, delivering a refreshing sensation without compromise.


Crushed Ice - Versatile Chill Companion

Saripetojo's Crushed Ice offers versatile freshness for all your needs. Ready to provide the perfect chill for drinks and food, our crushed ice presents a measured coolness. Bring a refreshing touch to every dish, making it the ideal choice for a flexible and satisfying chilling experience.


Manufacturing Capabilities and Contingency Planning

Ice tube machine with the following specifications:

1 set of Ice Freezer and Accumulator consists of Insulation:
The polyurethane foam around the freezer is covered with stainless sheet
1 set of ice bins, stainless steel ice bins complete with insulation
1 set Main Switch Control Panel

a Brief History of Saripetojo

The era of Dutch rule

Founded in 1930 on 24, Deendeelsweg street Bandung and is a branch of NV. Verenigde. Ys. Fabrieken which is based in Surabaya.

The Era of Japanese Rule

Ice factory ownership, by Dai Seijo Kojo based in Jakarta

Age of Revolution

The return of Dutch rule in Indonesia in 1946 caused the ice factory to be renovated by NV. Verenidge YS Fabrieken. This production capacity has decreased to 10 tons/day


Ice Factory renovated by NV. Verenigde. Ys. Fabrieken and ice production capacity has increased. In 1958 this company was taken over by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Saripetojo at Glance

As pioneers within the ice industry, Saripetojo extends an invitation to explore the essence of our brand encapsulated in a brief overview. With an unwavering commitment to unparalleled quality and continuous innovation, our accompanying video offers an exclusive glimpse into the intricate process underpinning the creation of our esteemed Tube Ice, Block Ice, and Crushed Ice products.

Our Client.

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